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  • I have lived in San Francisco for 15 years in this unbelievable city. I take the good, weather, gay boys, amazing history, picture perfect views at every turn and I take the bad, a tech invasion that is destroying everything that makes SF amazing not to mention society as a whole, a food industry th...
  • August 5
    Posted by Travis Hollister
    I'm a slut, a whore, a cum dump. I love being one. I love to go some place, especially sex clubs, pony my ass up in the air and let anyone that wants to come by fuck me bare and dump their load(s) in me; yes, some cum twice or more. Last week I went to our new sex club in Sacramento, Sac Buddies, a...
  • May 24
    Posted by Bear Handball
    Well this batch did not turn out as well as the last batch. It was a bit runny so I had to add more Crisco which thickened it up.  I have not used it yet, but it does appear to behave like the older recipe.  I used less Xanthum Gum which may be why it is not as thick as the last batch. I m...
  • April 24
    Posted by Bear Handball
    I am about to embark on another round of lube making. This time I am going to measure all the ingredients, and keep track of the order in which I mix it up. Otherwise its a recipe with ingredients, but no instructions on how to make it work.   I will be mixing it up sometime this week and wil...

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  • August 8 - posted by Kink Kire
    • Location San Antonio, TX [map]
    Are there any guys in the San Antonio area that are into fisting (tops prefered) or other anal manipulation play?     ~Erik  
    • Location Central Florida [map]
    I'm looking to set up a fisting party with bareback fucking and cum eating for anyone that is interested. it will be in central Florida, probably in Orlando area. I'm thinking it will be in july or august time frame. if you are in the area, or would like to cum in for the fun from other areas, let m...
  • Description : Blond and smooth, Cody Winter sprawls across a leather bench. His sir, D Arclyte, rubs his hands along Cody's lean body. Their shiny black harnesses squeak against the leather bench as Cody rips off his codpiece to reveal his throbbing, uncut cock. D expertly administers a blowjob to h...

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  • I thought I would start this group to illicit information on saline infusion as I have no experience at all. I really want to try it and if I like it keep doing it. Eventually if I get really into it, may go for a bit of silicone infusion, not alot, just enough to add a bit of size to my entire pack...
  • OK. While cleaning out involves dirtiness, I would rather hear from guys who like a good long session on the hose, not because they like scat, but because the like the way the hose feels going in and moving around. Sorry guys, but this is going to be a scat free zone. I have several colon hoses a...
  • May 25 - led by Adam N
    Discovering the joys of using electricity erotically.
  • April 19 - led by Mike Maverick
    I decided to start this group with hopes of putting together a more frequent play party. If your interested, have questions, or suggestions. Please let me know. I welcome your input.
  • Talk about the different methods of torture you like for your sexual pleasures. Anything goes.

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