Cum Dump

  • I'm a slut, a whore, a cum dump. I love being one.

    I love to go some place, especially sex clubs, pony my ass up in the air and let anyone that wants to come by fuck me bare and dump their load(s) in me; yes, some cum twice or more. Last week I went to our new sex club in Sacramento, Sac Buddies, and got fucked so much I was actually hurting when I left. I was raw inside and I don't know how many loads I took, but they were still coming out the next day.

    The anononimity of it all was exciting. I'd go from stall to stall and put my ass up to a glory hole and let guys fuck me. Then I resorted to renting a room, opening the door, turning off the light and getting up on the bed on all fours with my head down and my ass pointing up in the air so all that came by could see I was ready to fuck. And fuck me they did!

    On my way home I let some cum out and dribble down my leg. I'd slip my finger in my ass to smell the cum that was there. That was hot! Once I got home though I was a little concerned. I know the likely hood of me catching something was high going about it this way. I'm HIV+ already and on treatment. Getting the other STIs don't concern me much but for the inconvenience of having to get them treated.  They're much easier to deal with than getting the Flu. Still, they are annoying and take me out of play for a few weeks if I catch one. Fortunately I don't cath them often. I calculated I've had sex with over 4,500 men. I've caught STIs on only 6 occasions out of that many men, mostly raw.

    I'm not feeling gulty or shameful for being such a slut, but still I wonder why it is so alluring to me, why I like it so much. Is it that it is so socially unacceptable to be loosey goosey? Maybe, I love flipping off social norms. Is it becuase feeling a different dick in me each time is exciting? Long, short, fat, thein, small, humongous; random anonymous sex is like a box of never know what yo're going to get. You never know when you're going to hit the jackpot. Or, is it maybe that I like to allow men to pleasure themselves at my expense without playing the games of cat and mouse? Maybe I don't like playing the games. Well, that is true, I don't. Maybe it's because I'm an exhibitionist or maybe its the curiosity and want to see, feel and hear how other men go about fucking. I do know I really get off when a man fucks me hard and gets really into it, when they cum so hard i can feel the base of their cock pumping hard to fill me with their sperm. And I especially love it when men with outrageously blessed packages push into me and go deeper and deeper and find I can take it all in. The expressions of joy and gratitude on their faces is great reward for me. For these men often tell me they don't get to have good anal intercourse because few can take them. When i grant permission to go rough, hard and deep, they just go nuts with excitement. The animal in them is unleashed. May it's all of these things that make being a slut so alluring? I don't know. And in the end it really doen't matter does it? Or does it?

    I'm curious, if you're a butt pig like me and enjoy taking many anonymous loads with either hole, what do you think makes it so alluring and satisfying for you? And if it does matter why, tell me why you think it does. I'd love to hear from you and read your comments.



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  • fisting mike
    fisting mike I think it's the danger I perceive. I'm always taking chances outdoor, with total strangers, etc.
    August 6