Next phase

  • I am about to embark on another round of lube making. This time I am going to measure all the ingredients, and keep track of the order in which I mix it up. Otherwise its a recipe with ingredients, but no instructions on how to make it work.


    I will be mixing it up sometime this week and will take pics of the process so that I can remember how to do it in the future. The last batch survived for 3 month with no problems and it was still as greasy as j-lube is stringy.  I like it better a bit more than jlube cause of the clean up factor, the stick to the toy factor and the stays pretty lubricating for a good while. I did use some jlube along side it which seemed to make the jlube easier to deal with.


    Of course I "injected" all this lube up my butt so as to get it in there and up there. One time I did a great job, cause I was lubed for a 5 hour play session and it was still coming out of me 2 days later. I guess that also speaks to my clean out regimen too.  LOL.


    If there is any interest in this project by others, let me know and I wiill keep track of all my attempts till I get it right for fisters and toy players alike.


  • Syd Fist
    Syd Fist always chasing the best lube - keen to know what you mixed. I am using either j-lube or crisco, having found them simpler to access - have not found a proprietary lube that delivers better at a reasonable price. my tip for j lube is to make a first pas...  more
    July 1
  • Bear Handball
    Bear Handball I use a mixture of Crisco, water, Xantham gum, coconut oil among other items. I still do not have a set ratio as I try different amounts each time. One of these days I will document the mixture. I love the mix so far as it works alot like Crisco and Jlube...  more
    July 1
  • Bill Diehl
    Bill Diehl Most often, I use Crisco and j-lube, sometimes with a bit of Tiger Balm for flavoring ;). My most regular top likes Crisco only, but that's too dry and I don't think I relax as well as with something more slippery.
    I prefer Bag Balm and J-lube. It can b...  more
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