Next Phase II

  • Well this batch did not turn out as well as the last batch. It was a bit runny so I had to add more Crisco which thickened it up.  I have not used it yet, but it does appear to behave like the older recipe.  I used less Xanthum Gum which may be why it is not as thick as the last batch. I may go back and re-mix it with more Xanthum gum if I get a chance.  Right now I need to block out time to try it which is a pain when trying to clean out fast.


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  • fisting mike
    fisting mike I know what you mean about cleaning out fast. Cleaning out is like foreplay to me and I don't like rushing it.
  • Bear Handball
    Bear Handball Yup, I hate trying to rush a clean out, especially since I got into enemas now too !! It is a lot of fun to take your time.