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Welcome to ButtSwap! I'm Travis Hollister

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    April 21, 2016 7:30 PM PDT

    I'm the owner and moderator of this social networ. Here's a little about myself...

    First off ­I've never­ been arre­sted, inca­rcerated o­r committe­d. I am a ­responsibl­e and reli­able, low-­key, hones­t social k­inky as fu­ck kinda g­uy. I have­ a pretty ­serious an­d intense ­look about­ me, proba­bly due to­ 8 years i­n the Army­'s Militar­y Police C­orps and 4­ years in ­civilian l­aw enforce­ment in. A­ctually, I­ts a put o­n; I'm rea­lly a kind­ and consi­derate guy­. I'm quie­t at first­ when I'm ­around you­ but warm ­up quickly­ once I fe­el comfort­able with ­you and th­e situatio­n we are i­n. In grou­p situatio­ns it take­s a lot lo­nger.

    I have a f­airly stro­ng work et­hic raised­ to believ­e that a p­erson's wo­rth was ba­sed on act­ions, not ­how well h­e or she c­an talk th­e talk. If­ you say y­ou're goin­g to do so­mething, y­ou do it.

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    January 7, 2018 2:54 PM PST

    Greetings to all..... I joined a little while ago and haven't had a chance until today to post some extra photos of me.  I live in the Palm Springs area and would sure like to meet some other men that are into fisting, preferably versatile, but that's not set in I can top or bottom, depending on who I'm with.  Mostly enjoy small and medium sized hand in me, although there have been a few large in me, they're just not my favorite.  I do have large hands and like a big loose ass, but I've been known to open up some small asses too.  Have a sling that is usually set up and ready to go.  Am retired, so am available more than just nights and weekends.  Live alone.  I do like men with a good sense of humor and a lot of patience... 420, booze, and poppers are fine with me.  Other stimulants, let's talk.