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  • Jan 30
    Posted by Bear Handball
    Well I fixed another mess of lube up, probably enough for a year, but I doubt it really lasts that long.  It is more like the fist, a creamy mix almost like a little bit runny marshmallow cream.  I cut back on what went in it so we will see which version is best. I mix 3 different versions...
  • Do You Prefer Jockstraps, Briefs, Boxers, Or Commando? Instinct Magazine Bryan Keating | Jan 17 2018 Alright, so let's get straight to it. Anyone, anywhere can virtually sexualize anything they come across. Fetishes run rampant in society. No judgments, but we literally have something called Fu...
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    • Location Indianapolis VEgas [map]
    Im hosting a few fuck suck and fist parties when on vacation.  Our pre vacation fuck and fist party is in INDY on 3/26 from 4 pm to 7 pm   on 3/27 we will host at the mgm Signature and then again on the 29th.   On the 31st we might host a raw and wild road trip for upto 13 o...
  • Aiden and Travis are meant to be working on a history project together but as soon as Travis pulls his laptop out Aiden has landed a huge kiss on him and starts making his own history with him. Both these boys are blessed with big dicks and Travis makes a meal out of Aiden's thick cock. Aiden then a...
    • Location NA [map]
    Casey Everett, relaxing at home on a rainy day. Looking sexy in his baby blue underwear he pulls his cock out to stroke his morning wood. Hard as a rock he wanks his cock and rubs his chiseled abs till he shoots his load all over the kitchen floor.  Visit Dominic Pacifico to Support MenN2Men...
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  • Disk Space Allotment
    Posted by Travis Hollister Jan 17

    Each member of this site was allocated 500 MB of disk space total for all video, music and photo file uploads. Effective immediately that allotment has been reduced to 100 MB. This has become necessary because disk space and bandwidth (the transfer of files up and down from the site) has become more expensive due to the implementation of solid state disk drives (SSD). Sponsorship revenue for MenN2Men has not kept pace with growing expenditures. If you'd like to support this site, please rent videos or make purchases from one or more of our sponsors. ~Travis

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Travis Hollister's ButtSwap is a new sex positive social networking site for gay, bisexual, straight, and transgender men who like to engage in sex play. Our membership embraces the premise that sexual expression between consenting adults is good, positive and healthy and that societal repression or control of an individual's sex-drive or orientation is bad and unhealthy.


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  • Jan 12 - led by Alex Andrews
    Group for the aussies on the site to talk, be dirty and hook up!!!
  • If you're into sex having to do with the male ass AND either live in the San Antonio, TX and surrounding Hill Country or are traveling to/through...then Howdy! Let's help your SA brothers in our quest for ButtSwaping sex!
  • November 24, 2017 - led by Sac Buddies
    We are a p­rivate, al­l male fit­ness and r­elaxation ­destinatio­n. Come re­lax and en­joy the co­mpany of l­ike minded­ men in a ­clean and ­ comfortab­le setting­. – Open Dai­ly – Safe, Cl­ean, &­ Drug Free­ – Private ­ – Secure – Loads of­ Fun – Plenty o­f Parking ­ Hours: Monday...
  • July 29, 2017 - led by Bear Handball
    I thought I would start this group to illicit information on saline infusion as I have no experience at all. I really want to try it and if I like it keep doing it. Eventually if I get really into it, may go for a bit of silicone infusion, not alot, just enough to add a bit of size to my entire pack...
  • May 25, 2017 - led by Adam N
    Discovering the joys of using electricity erotically.
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